Jordan Bloom pierced the propaganda of cable news. James Pinkerton sensed Scott Walker’s return to normalcy, while Daniel Larison warned that the effects of Walker’s victory shouldn’t be overstated and doubted Bill Clinton’s intellectual honesty. Scott Galupo reminded Republicans that they helped cause the problems they now try to solve, and searched for a fiscally honest politician. Rod Dreher put all eyes on Justice Kennedy and linked to Marxist-Leninist gangsterism. Samuel Goldman called out the nostalgic left.

Noah Millman asked what journal TAC aspires to be most like, while Bloom deemed reports of the demise of criticism greatly exaggerated and remembered Ray Bradbury with a TAC classic from Daniel Flynn. Dreher noticed Maureen Dowd’s bigotry, loved Paris in the autumn, and promoted parental responsibility.

Larison questioned the exaggerated foreign policy consensus, and railed against the cries for American intervention in Syria.