Jordan Michael Smith critiqued Thomas Sowell’s bad eyesight. Daniel Larison shot down Scott Walker as a potential VP choice, and decided that the Wisconsin recall election probably doesn’t matter. Noah Millman placed the recall in the wider context of labor movement struggles, while Scott Galupo declared Walker a secondary tumor, and imagined the Romney-Ryan Keynesian stimulus plan. Rod Dreher remembered the Republican spending spree, and championed various mafias.

Philip Giraldi detailed killing by powerpoint, Tom Englehardt scrutinized our choice of assassin-in-chief, and Kelley Vlahos wondered why we’ve been so pathetically slow in acknowledging the magnitude of the drone wars. Buchanan advised against intervention in Syria, and Larison unearthed more awful arguments for that intervention. Scott McConnell revisited the reviled Peter Beinart.

Larison reflected on his own conservative Orthodoxy in response to Dreher’s take on the Eastern Right. Dreher determined his public radio name, transcended the culture wars, sought life on the mighty Mississippi, chastised the crazy old men in the Vatican, and watched a stuffed-cat fly. Jordan Bloom welcomed the Goddess of light.