Robert Murphy argued that statism drives the culture war, and James Pinkerton lauded Lincoln’s middle-class meliorism. Samuel Goldman chose national sovereignty as the most important aspect of the Euro crisis, while Rod Dreher presented another view of German complicity, and defended his gay marriage defeatism. Scott Galupo watched Bob McDonnell step in it.

Dreher studied the conservative turn to Orthodox Christianity, discovered a secularist who sees the Benedict option, and asked if people ever forsake riches for beauty. Jordan Bloom saw the apocalypse, and spent a weekend with the Bilderbergers. Noah Millman explored the conservatism of Conservative Judaism, and Dreher responded.

Daniel Larison noted the failure of ongoing democracy promotion in Cuba, disparaged the “ungrateful Muslim” argument, tracked Republican Senate candidates’ aversion to foreign policy, and opposed Syrian intervention here here, and here. Scott McConnell wondered how an incapacitated Senator could render Palestinians imaginary.