Charles Hugh Smith dodged the neo-Keynesian trap, and Nick Turse regretted the Terminator Planet. Scott Galupo wondered about Democratic jokes, and credited Mitt with a magnificent May. Scott McConnell grimaced at the plutocracy, while Philip Giraldi rejected John McCain’s leadership. Noah Millman delved into a Polish death camp, and Rod Dreher called Bloomberg a nut.

Daniel Larison deemed Romney a continuing neocon, discovered the pitfalls of “nation cultivation,” interpreted unexceptional Romney’s take on American exceptionalism, analyzed the Romney-Obama divide on Russia, declared the U.S.-Russian reset a success, and re-examined foreign policy campaign rhetoric.

Eve Tushnet thought about gay kids in Catholic schools, and Samuel Goldman examined prejudice against Mormons. Dreher looked at children’s books as travel guides, and evaluated paying off pervert priests.