I am wondering if other TAC readers noticed the metamorphoses in a New York Times article that I noted last night and this morning?  A featured article appeared on the NYT website last night under the headline “United States War Game Sees Disaster in an Israeli Attack on Iran.”  By this morning that headline had replaced “disaster” with “perils,” softening the message while the link itself says “dire results.”  If one actually reads the article, disaster would appear to be much the best word, the text describing a conflict that would quickly become regional and drag the US in with unfortunate consequences for Americans in general and for the military presence in Asia.  While it is refreshing that the mainstream media is finally waking up to the fact that war with Iran would not be a “cakewalk,” it is also discouraging to note that efforts are being made to manage the message to keep the attack option on the table.  No doubt Senators Graham, McCain and Lieberman would regard “perils” as an acceptable risk to take.