According to Rod, Limbaugh loathing has jumped the shark and he may be right, especially since Rush Limbaugh will be in the soup again in the near future—he can’t help himself.  His allies, however, keep making themselves look ridiculous by trying to turn this fiasco into a positive; as in this post where Glenn Reynolds projects his own rage onto the President:

THE POLITICS OF HATE: Dems Incite Death Threats Against Limbaugh. And Limbaugh’s already had to call the bomb squad to his house. That’s their approach. Marginalize, then brutalize.

When will President Obama speak out against this hatred and extremism? Probably never. But since it’s been established that this sort of thing happens via close coordination between the White House and Media Matters, etc., there’s no denying responsibility now. I call upon the President to denounce his supporters’ hateful violent rhetoric, to promise not to engage in or encourage it again, and to apologize to Limbaugh for stirring up this cesspit of hatred among his followers. A President is supposed to lead, not incite violence

What is lacking in this post or any of the links is evidence that the president or the Democrats are inciting death threats against Limbaugh. The post from Big Government that Reynolds links cites comments from Facebook—some indeed threatening, others just nasty. It has nothing to suggest these comments result from anything other than a reaction to Limbaugh’s own bile.

Reynolds doesn’t give a link for his bomb squad claim but I assume he is referring to this story:

Palm Beach police spokesman Fred Hess says the item investigated Thursday afternoon turned out to be an electronic plaque sent by a listener of the radio talk show host’s program as a “business opportunity” for Limbaugh. It concerned the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth.

Hess says no charges will be filed against the sender because no crime was committed. He says the sender was very apologetic.

As Reynolds says; “marginalize, then brutalize.” Whatever.