It’s Super Tuesday, and Mitt Romney is looking to pull ahead as a clear frontrunner in today’s ten primaries and caucuses. But can he convince voters to share in his vision of “an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in?” Time will tell.

But whenever I hear word of the Romney campaign, a persistent theme seems to be a stunning lack of political savoir faire on his part, whether it’s his tone-deaf interviews, terrible jokes, or that banner ad offering a chance to win a ride in the campaign bus (but he makes it sound like so much fun). The notion of Romney having his own Nashua moment is unthinkable. But dog my cats has he tried to butter up that blue-collar GOP, and his many failures to do so are nothing short of hilarious. Herewith (below the jump) are Romney’s greatest hits, unfairly selected and arbitrarily ranked; take to the comments for your nominations.

10. Mitt’s biggest problem is a lack of self-awareness about how moments like this can be turned against him:

9. The former Massachusetts governor was trying to express how his policies were tailored to help the middle class but leave the safety net intact. Instead he managed to sound every bit like the heartless conservative who deep down in his black heart still wants to dismantle the welfare state, all the while proposing milquetoast domestic economic policy.

8. Like the good red-meat son of the soil that he is, the former Massachusetts governor loves NASCAR. Why? Because, “this combines a couple of things I like best — cars and sport.” Leave it to Mitt Romney to make the Daytona 500 sound like a polo match. The media predictably latched on to that and other comments about his friendship with NASCAR franchise owners as further evidence that he’s an out-of-touch plutocrat.

7. You’ll remember this gem from back in 2007:

6. Forgive the guy, right? He just wasn’t familiar with the bill. It’s understandable. It’s only the biggest news item of the week, and it’s not like Republican primary voters are wary of his record on pro-life issues or anything.

5. This interview isn’t as combative or awkward as the Bret Baier interview from earlier this election season, Romney’s gotten better at polishing his message. That message is evidently that it’s not alright to spend hundreds of billions in taxpayer money on crony capitalism and narrowly-tailored tax breaks but it’s a-ok to spend hundreds of billions of taxpayer money to bail out the toxic assets on the balance sheets of large banks. Romney has said repeatedly that GE should have gone through the bankruptcy process before receiving government funds, why not the same for the banks?

4. If Romney released a video of himself farting and drinking Bud Light in a barcalounger, it would have been less patronizing and probably attracted more voters than this ad:

3. You know that ‘I love lamp’ scene in Anchorman, with Steve Carell? This is the Mitt Romney version. Fortunately this video has subtitles so you can see how inhuman and strange this quote looks when it’s written down. See this version for the quote about Ann’s “coupla Cadillacs.”

2. To be at CPAC this year was to bear witness to the incredible disconnect between Romney and his supporters and the conservative mainstream. His Potemkin grassroots descended on the Marriott Wardman Park just in time for the straw poll on Friday, and Romney used the word ‘conservative’ 29 times in his groveling speech.

1. aaaand the plat du jour

Bonus, because no Romney video montage should be without this one: