The New York Times strikes again.  In an article basically discussing the possible timing for attacking Iran Mark Landler and David Sanger  state that Washington wants to “give the latest sanctions a chance to inflict enough pain on the Iranian leadership to force it back to the negotiating table.”  In reality, it is the US that has been absent from the negotiating table, not Iran.  They then go on to give the Israeli position, i.e. to attack soon, some credibility due to that nation’s proximity to Iran, describing the Jewish state as “a neighbor whose very existence the leaders in Tehran have pledged to eradicate.”  One might well question Israel’s neighborliness given its nearly daily propensity to threaten to attack Iran, but one thing that actual speakers of Farsi agree on is that Iran has never actually pledged to “eradicate” or attack Israel.  In fact, Iran has attacked no one since the seventeenth century.