What do American Conservative readers think about Tim Tebow?  I have just finished watching the Denver Broncos’ come from behind victory over the Chicago Bears in which Denver, losing 10-0, scored a touchdown and field goal in two minutes to tie the score and then made an amazing defensive play in overtime that led to a field goal to win.  Tebow was incredible.  He is now 7-1 as a starter, with many of the victories coming at the very end, even though he would appear to have none of the traditional skills required of an “NFL quarterback.”  The first thing he said after the win was to thank Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and even the studio pundits at Fox sports were clearly stunned by what had happened. So was I.  It brought tears to my eyes.

I would describe myself as a cultural Catholic in that I subscribe to the church teachings on an ethical/moral basis but I am far from sure that something that we might call God really exists.  I rarely go to church and I find organized religion suffocating.  But what is it with Tebow?  A guy who so clearly is a believer and who bases his life and all his values on that belief and who draws incredible strength from that…  Is there something there?  Are we heading for a Superbowl in which Jesus is the “twelfth man?”