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Daily Round-Up: Nuclear Money Pit, Abridging Free Speech, Scialabba on Hitchens

Kelly Vlahos says a planned nuclear weapons facility at Los Alamos, New Mexico has already become yet another government money pit [1]: over budget, behind schedule, and unwelcome by New Mexico residents.

It hasn’t been built yet—in fact, the designs aren’t even finished after 10 years. But the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement Nuclear Facility (CMRR-NF) has been soaking up taxpayer money all the same …

Does “congress shall make no law” truly mean what it says? Peter Van Buren examines the case of Morris Davis [2], a federal employee who was fired from his research position at the Library of Congress after submitting a politically-charged op-ed [3] to the Wall Street Journal.

How much heat can Herman Cain take before he gets burned? Rod Dreher talks about Cain’s newest lady-friend scandal [4] — an alleged 13-year affair. Newt Gingrich is no stranger to controversies of infidelity himself, and Dreher says his actions are those of a man indifferent to any moral code [5].

Daniel Larison says that the postwar policy of Soviet containment fueled the strong foreign policy debates of that era [6], but the national security debates of this election cycle are far more superficial.

George Scialabba reflects on the career of Christopher Hitchens [7], in a review of Hitchens’s new book Arguably: Essays.