All this hoopla over the alleged Iranian plot to use Mexican drug lords to carry out an assassination of a Saudi at a fictitious DC restaurant – I knew there was something very strange about this…

And then I read that the linchpin of the case is a paid Drug Enforcement Administration informant who recently faced drug charges and had “cooperated” with authorities to avoid going to prison himself.

Geez, doesn’t anybody in the mainstream media have a BS radar any more?

DEA informants are notorious for being even more dishonest than congressmen. Here is a link to an NPR story last year on one slippery DEA informant that blew up a major case. The DEA knew that its most successful informant from the mid-1980s through 1999 was a brazen liar who routinely committed perjury in federal court. But the feds had no problem with using someone who subverted justice and made a mockery of the judicial system.

Given the nature of US drug laws, the DEA relies on perpetual deceit to justify its own existence.

And we are supposed to rely on a DEA informant to rev up the case for going to war with Iran?

Just when I think that DC could not be fuller of ****, the Obama administration proves me wrong again.