A Toronto news site reports that at least one Hollywood A-lister wants to bring Jane Jacobs — the subject of a recently posted TAC symposium — to the silver screen.

Marisa Tomei is fine with playing a scoop-hungry New York Times reporter in The Ides of March, George Clooney’s drama of cutthroat presidential campaigning.

The Oscar-winning actress (and three-time nominee) likes topical films. What she really hungers for, though, is a major role as a Canadian: late Toronto writer/activist Jane Jacobs, whose views on urban living transformed this city and others.

“I would love to play Jane Jacobs; I just think she is so fascinating,” Tomei says, in an interview last month during TIFF.

“I love how she came to her activism. I love how she looks so cute with those glasses. I love that she saved Greenwich Village. And I really think the power dynamic between her and (New York City urban planner) Robert Moses is utterly fascinating.”

Jacobs doesn’t ‘have quite the household name of Julia Child, but the battle between her and Robert Moses over the Village might just be the stuff of a Hollywood epic.