I have a feeling that Eric Loomis had his tongue lodged in his cheek while exhorting his fellow liberals to root for the Oregon Ducks in college football, because, well, it’s the right thing to do. It reeks of a sort of smug liberal condescension that I assumed only still existed in Ann Coulter’s imagination:

Reading LSU blog sites lately (because of the huge Oregon-LSU game this Saturday) has been depressing–misspellings abound, anti-liberal sentiment is everywhere, it’s just generally awful. While SEC teams have their enlightened fans and some Oregon fans are also troglodytes, Oregon fan sites are generally much more interesting, with random digressions in comment threads on any number of interesting non-football related topics.

One problem for Loomis is that sports fans don’t often choose to follow a team by assessing their shared values with other fans, or by going through anything resembling a thought process. Another problem is that the enlightened Oregon Ducks keep losing to backward SEC schools. They beat Tennessee last year, but then lost to Auburn in the BCS championship game and lost to LSU last night.