Over at the Anarchism page on Facebook, the administrators have started quite a row by banning anarcho-capitalists (i.e. libertarian anarchists), and the discussion might be the greatest collection of  ideological ironies I’ve ever seen. The “About” section strikes a  peaceful, ecumenical chord:

Anarchism is peace. The state is war. Anarchism is an opposition to oppressive/coercive hierarchies. If you consider yourself an anarchist, you are welcome here. Please don’t post a bunch of irrelevant or internecine crap, though.

This would seem to prohibit banning any kind of self-identified anarchist or even raising the issue, as it probably constitutes “internecine crap.” However, the note explaining the ban adopts a radically different tone:

We are going to stand by our choice to ban anarcho-capitalists, and despite some disagreements, we are allowing anarcho-primitivists for now…

From now on, there will be no moderate take on freedom. We are in the middle of wage slavery and a culture war, and there is no moderate approach to war, only fight and surrender.

As anarchists, we must stand by our history, our culture, and our values. There are three things oppressing the proletariat:

  • The State
  • Religion
  • Private Property

All of these things must be done away with, by any means necessary. When someone punches you, you have the right, as well as the moral obligation to strike back. Remember that pride is a weapon. Do not let go of your weapon in the name of open disscussion. Instead, that your weapon, and strike your enemy down in the heart. When we triumph, and we will triumph, the cultural conservative, the capitalist, the religious, in their vermin will beg for mercy.

We will show them no mercy. We will fight, and we will win. Together, we shall previal [sic]!

So much for peace. The author advocates the elimination of the vast majority of American society, which is like making a desert and calling it peace. Many of the anarcho-capitalists have pointed out the absurdity of denouncing private property while excluding people from it for their political beliefs, but I think they’re missing the most ridiculous contradiction here. The anarcho-primitivists are allowed to stay, which is fine, but why are anarcho-primitivists on Facebook!? I guess for many of these anarchists, the law of non-contradiction is the greatest oppressor of all.