The Washington Post has an editorial today fretting that the Obama administration has not killed enough Libyans.   The Post warns that U.S. killing of more Libyans is the best way to assure a bright future for Libya.  OK, that’s not verbatim  – but this is: “The dangers of the military stalemate for the United States increase with each day it lasts. The greater the disorder in Libya, the greater the chance that extremist forces, including al-Qaeda, will push aside the pro-Western figures who now lead the opposition.”

Thus, the U.S. needs to kill more Libyan troops to assure the triumph of moderates in Libya.

For the Post, the bottom line is: “The longer the fighting continues, the more harm will come to civilians.”

So the best way to protect civilians is to blow hell out of the country in the next few hours.

This is the same editorial page that continues insisting that George W. Bush did not deceive Americans regarding the Iraq war.