Michael Brendan Dougherty spotted this in the Times of Malta:

Around 400 US Marines have been dispatched to a US base in Greece ahead of deployment on warships off Libya, an American military spokesman said today.

“The operation is part of forces reposition in the region… with regard to Libya,” said Paul Farley, spokemsan for the US Souda base on the island of Crete.

The short news items reassures us that the “amphibious ready group” on one of the ships soon to be hosting the troops, the USS Kearsage, “could support humanitarian efforts as well as military operations.” I forget: was Somalia a “humanitarian effort” or a “military operation”?

I like to think Obama has the brains not to invade a third Muslim countries while wars — or humanitarian efforts? — are still ongoing in two (or three; hello, Pakistan) others. But the drums of war are beating louder by by the minute…