There is a burgeoning anti-Obama grassroots effort forming on the left and oddly enough, The American Conservative is providing some of the ammunition being levied against the current administration. TAC’s December 2010 cover story “Peace Out,” written by Justin Raimondo, is one of the stories linked in the “Open Letter to the Left Establishment” on

Even before the tax-cut compromise with Republicans, members of the grassroots left were becoming disenchanted with the Obama presidency. Now it seems the president’s constant trampling of values the left holds dear has finally worn the veneer off Hope and Change(TM). Naturally, TAC and its readers can sympathize with disgruntled liberals. Having lived through eight years of Bush, we know what its like to witness beloved principles slowly drain from the minds of our leaders in Washington. It can be argued that the Bush years laid the groundwork for the recent resurgence of true fiscal conservatism. It’ll be interesting to see what, if any, new grassroots political movements form in the wake of the Obama administration.