Check out some of the items you may have missed in October, sorted by popularity:

1. I Will Miss Joe Sobran | Michael Brendan Dougherty’s tribute was widely quoted.

2. Neoconservatism Defined | David Gordon reviews two recent books.
3. Distributism: More than a Middle Way | Gerald Russello reviews John Médaille’s critique of markets.
4. Not One, But Three Tea Parties | Paul Gottfried on the tea party movement.
5. Tea Party Tory | Patrick J. Buchanan discusses David Cameron.
6. Tea Party vs. War Party | Patrick J. Buchanan on the NeoCons’ biggest fear
7. The End of Multiculturalism | Germany’s Angela Merkel is right, says Patrick J. Buchanan.
8. Joseph Sobran, Antiwar Prophet, RIP | Jon Basil Utley salutes Sobran.
9. No World Order | Nationalism still shapes the world order, says Leon Hadar.
10. Cracks in the Democratic Coalition | Patrick J. Buchanan diagnoses what ails the Left.