And not a moment too soon. With the Republicans on their way back to Congress, a thoughtful conservatism — as an antidote to the war-and-debt neoconservatism on offer elsewhere — is needed now more than ever.

Over the past three months, readers have been unstintingly generous in contributing to bring the magazine back into print.  Your support has been a tremendous moral as well as financial boost. Now TAC is back. The new issue will begin showing up in bookstores and subscribers’ mailboxes over the next two weeks. And it features some superb material, including Justin Raimondo’s cover story on how Obama’s abandonment of his antiwar activist base doomed the Democrats; Ed Warner on Mexico’s narco-violence crossing the border into Arizona; Jim Antle on the Paul/Frank effort to cut the Pentagon budget; George Scialabba on the political and economic thought of T.S. Eliot; Paul Gottfried on Glenn Beck’s revisionist history; columns from Pat Buchanan, Bill Kauffman, and Bill Lind; and much more.

Needless to say, this is a good time to subscribe — and to give a gift subscription to a friend.  You can also help by making a tax-deductible donation. We still greatly need, and appreciate, your support.