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Joseph Sobran’s Conservative Foreign Policy | Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter remembers Conservative icon Joseph Sorban and points out how Sorban’s views on foreign policy should resonate with the modern conservative movement.

The Wilsonian vision Sobran describes is progressive in origin, yet is also the neoconservatives’ vision and to the extent that the neocons continue to define the Right’s foreign policy, this will forever prevent even the rambunctious Tea Partiers from truly achieving their stated limited-government desires. As George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Joseph Sobran once warned, a state of perpetual war is simply incompatible with republican government.

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Cracks in the Democratic Coalition | Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan thinks cultural spats between people within Obama’s base may spoil 2010 and 2012 hopes for Democrats.

Yet within the Barack Obama coalition — over 60 percent of Asian-Americans, 68 percent of Hispanics, 78 percent of Jews, 95 percent of blacks — fissures and fractures have become visible, not only along racial and ethnic lines, but along issue and ideological lines.

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Middle Class No More | Andy Kroll

Andy Kroll travels to Indiana and finds Ricky Rembold, one of the many unemployed Americans frustrated by the poor job market.

This summer, I set out to explore just why long-term unemployment had risen to historic levels — and stumbled across Rembold. A 56-year-old resident of Mishawaka, Indiana, he caught the unnerving mix of frustration, anger, and helplessness voiced by so many other unemployed workers I’d spoken to. “I lie awake at night with acid indigestion worrying about how I’m going to survive,” . . .

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