As you can see, The American Conservative is in the midst of a fundraising campaign. Like most small political magazines, we don’t survive on subscriptions and advertising alone. Our deficit is much smaller than those of establishment and neocon publications — outlets like The Atlantic lose millions of dollars a year — but it’s larger than what our publisher and associate publisher can make up by themselves.

The good news is that TAC recently acquired nonprofit status, which means that contributions are now tax-deductible. And we have several fundraising efforts under way. Our webathon only needs to generate $25,000 — but that’s no small sum for a first-time Web campaign. If you enjoy this blog, Jack Hunter’s podcasts, Daniel Larison, our online articles, or just stirring up trouble for the bipartisan big-spending, big-war party, please give generously.

There are great things coming down the line if we’re able to meet our need, including a revamp of the website and a new electronic edition of the print magazine (which will be compatible with e-readers and iPads). We would also like to begin doing a few regional TAC events — a lecture here, a mini-conference there. Now that a gap has begun to open between the neoconservatives and the grassroots Right, there is much to be achieved by educating conservatives anew about their best traditions.

There’s no other magazine like The American Conservative. And there would be no American Conservative without your help. If you enjoy TAC, keep us going strong by making a donation.