Jack Hunter uses the Alvin Greene affair to debunk the Left’s claim to “intellectual superiority.” This guise of superiority, which at least partially motivated liberals to brusquely reject Greene’s candidacy, also contradicts their belief that, in the words of John Jay, the average citizen who “owns the country ought to govern it.”

The typical Democratic congressman wasn’t exactly struggling to pay the rent before deciding to run for Congress. Considering the political and economic homogeneity of their current elected leaders, shouldn’t liberals welcome Alvin Greene as a real representative of the forgotten little guy?

Liberals immediately relegated Greene to circus-clown status when he won the Democratic nomination. One could condemn them as callous hypocrites for this, but it is admittedly tough not to snicker while watching Greene struggle to remember his general election opponent’s name and reply “No Comment” when asked to name a city he visited while allegedly campaigning across his home state. Still, with the Left simultaneously aspiring to be above and beholden to the desires of the average citizen, intellectual honesty mandates they concede either the former is undesirable, or the latter is untenable.