A writer recently pitched a parody of Daniel Pipes to TAC. Trouble is, Pipes is already far beyond parody — no satirist could dream of a paranoid neocon caricature as ridiculous as Pipes. See, for example, this page in which he obsesses over the idea that Prince Charles is a crypto-Muslim. Pipes’s crackpot speculation began on Nov. 9, 2003 and continues to this very day. The theory is supported by such evidence as Charles, a noted student of architecture, taking “keen interest in studying various sections at the [Sultan Qaboos] mosque, including the main prayer hall.” How could one draw any conclusion other than that the Prince of Wales has embraced Mecca?

Particularly rich is that Pipes will cite an unremarkable incident like the one above, acknowledge that it is not, in fact, “evidence that the Heir to the British Throne has changed religions,” but then insinuate that it really is, since “his actions most certainly would be consistent with such a move.” And from there the madness spirals on.