On June 8, 1967, Israeli forces knowingly attacked an American intelligence ship off the coast of Egypt. Thirty-four Americans were killed.

Here is a new  YouTube video that captures the spirit of the attack.

The Johnson administration responded by rushing to coverup the facts.

James Bamford, author of <strong>Body of Secrets</strong>, has unearthed massive evidence proving that the Israelis had definitely identified the ship as American before they sought to destroy it.

The fact that many of the files and tapes relating to the attack on the USS Liberty are still kept under wraps illustrates how truth has scant chance in DC – if some major interest group is profiting from official lies.

Some additional links on this subject are available at the blog I did on the last anniversary of the attack. .

It is naive to think that the Obama team would give a damn about getting the truth out about last week’s Israeli attack on the humanitarian relief ship, considering how the U.S. government has vigilantly covered up the IDF killing of 34 American sailors.