While on a shopping expedition to Leesburg’s Wegman’s today to buy some ramps, I paused for a moment at the newspaper rack.  A copy of The Washington Times was on display with a large front page picture of yesterday’s Salute to Israel parade in New York.  Next to the picture was an article by Rowan Scarborough entitled “Israel arms may not be enough to stop nukes.”  Not wanting to buy such a horrible rag, I read the article standing there, hoping that the ramps would still be waiting when I finished.  At first I thought that Scarborough’s piece must be a parody of “Dr. Strangelove,” but I soon decided that he was actually serious.  The article started by praising the Israeli Air Force and its capabilities while excoriating terrorists in Gaza and Lebanon, the Syrian army, and the “peripheral state” Iran. It then observed that Israel might not have enough firepower to destroy all of Iran’s nuclear facilities. 

Scarborough quoted a retired US Air Force Colonel named John Warden (possibly General Jack D. Ripper in alias) who suggested that the United States should deal with Iran by shutting down the country’s electrical generation capability for the foreseeable future because “Iran cannot sustain a nuclear research program if they don’t have electricity and oil and a bunch of other things like that.”  John Pike, a “longtime analyst of the Pentagon and intelligence agencies” also quoted in the article, suggests that Israel target the workers at the Iranian nuclear sites.  “Most of the people who work at these facilities live in housing that is more or less co-located with the facility.  This makes for a short commute, and facilitates physical and operational security.  Bomb the housing, and you destroy the program for a generation.”

Honest, I didn’t make any of this up and you can check it for yourself.  I look forward to hearing a lot more from Scarborough, Warden, and Pike.


I later bought a half pound of ramps which I will fry up with organic potatoes this evening.  Lovely.