In the brand new June 2010 issue of The American Conservative:

— Phillip Blond makes the case for Red Toryism. Drawing from Wilhelm Roepke, Hilaire Belloc, and the traditions of British conservatism, Blond offers an alternative to corporate capitalism and state socialism alike

— A symposium on Blond’s ideas and their applicability to the U.S., with contributions from Patrick Deneen, Nicholas Capaldi, and myself

— Philip Jenkins explains why there’s nothing uniquely Catholic about pedophilia scandals

— Steve Sailer on Joel Kotkin’s multicultural futurology

— Chase Madar on how liberal legal guru Harold Koh learned to love bomb power

— Jeremy Beer and Gregory Wolfe discuss the art of conservatism

Plus columns by Pat Buchanan, Bill Kauffman, and Stuart Reid, reviews by Patrick Allitt, Claude Polin, and Eamonn Fingleton, and much more.

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