“The Conscience of the Senate” Joe Lieberman is at it again.  He is predicting that the Senate will not ratify the new START treaty that Obama negotiated with Russia which will reduce the number of US nuclear warheads to 1,500, which is more than enough to incinerate the entire planet.  And it also left open the option of preemptive nuking Iran and North Korea, both of which are regarded as non-compliant with the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.  One would have thought that Lieberman would find the agreement much to his liking.

Not so.  Per Lieberman we need “to make absolutely clear that some of the statements by Russian President Medvedev at the signing in Prague that seem to suggest that if we continue to build the ballistic missile defense in Europe that they may pull out of this treaty — they’re just unacceptable to us.  We need that defense to protect our allies and ourselves from Iran.”

Ah, those crafty Iranians.  Threatening to destroy the world yet again.  Thank God Joe is around to remind us over and over and over again about the global threat coming from the Mullahs.