Chris Cilizza analyzes Rand Paul’s new commercial: “Paul’s latest anti-Washington volley comes in the form of an ad portraying the nation’s capitol as a multi-armed monster seeking to consume private industry.” He notes, “The cartoon image resembles nothing more than Doctor Octopus — “Doc Ock” — from the “Spiderman” series.”

Cilizza also describes how the Kentucky contest is a barometer for just how deeply Tea Party anti-establishment sensibility resonates on the Right:

The strong anti-Washington strain in Paul’s campaign message — coupled with the support he has drawn from the Tea Party crowd — make his primary race against Grayson one that could have significant echoes in the political world moving forward.

A Paul win would function as a direct repudiation of Republican leadership in Washington — Grayson is seen as the handpicked choice of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell although McConnell hasn’t formally endorsed in the contest — and would quantify just how much power the anti-Washington/Tea Party/Libertarian wing of the party carries.

No wonder Dick Cheney is worried.