A new issue of The American Conservative went to press yesterday. Subscribers can view the issue in PDF form beginning Monday, and the issue itself will start to reach mailboxes and bookstores in about a week. Featured in our May 2010 number: Scott McConnell and Philip Weiss on a turning point in U.S.-Israel relations (and AIPAC’s diminishing powers); a symposium of 14 thinkers from across the political spectrum on the prospects for a Left-Right coalition against war and empire (featuring Stephen Walt, David Rieff, Paul Gottfried, Robert Dreyfuss, Tom Woods, Matthew Yglesias, Paul Buhle, Donald Devine, Markos Moulitsas, John Lukacs, and more); James Antle on how the Southern Poverty Law Center encourages and profits from a climate of hate; Peter Hitchens explains why democracy in the Muslim world is not necessarily best for the West; Jesse Walker shows that the Oath Keepers are more Henry David Thoreau than Timothy McVeigh; and much more. Plus: columns by Pat Buchanan, Bill Kauffman, Eve Tushnet, and Stuart Reid; reviews by Peter Wood, John O’Sullivan, and Chandran Kukathas; and re-presenting the late Louis Auchincloss’s short story “America First.”

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