Bush’s #2 has waded into the Republican Senate primary in Kentucky, guns ablaze. A week after neocons declared open season on Rand Paul, Cheney has endorsed his rival, Secretary of State Trey Grayson. National Review piles on, with former Cheney flack Cesar Conda taking to the Corner to snipe, “Should Mr. Paul be elected to fill Sen. Bunning’s seat, ‘Senator Rand Paul’s’ views on national security, the global War on Terror, and foreign-policy matters would be more in line with Majority Leader Harry Reid’s than they would with Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s.”

Interesting, isn’t it, that Conda’s post is all about Rand Paul and says little about Trey Grayson. The neoconservative establishment is terrified of the prospect of a Senator Paul. Given that Rand holds a double-digit lead over Grayson thanks to the support of the tea parties and grassroots anti-statists, I suspect that the intervention of Bush administration retreads on the Secretary of State’s behalf will not have the effect Cheney desires.