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Ron Paul Talks Tea

In an interview with National Journal [1]:

And in earlier Paul family news, on Monday Sarah Palin endorsed Rand Paul [2]. 2010 is shaping up to have a very interesting political environment indeed.

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#1 Comment By Robert On February 3, 2010 @ 5:05 pm

Any hopes I had for Rand Paul being anything other than a schill for the worst parts of the libertarian platform were layed to rest when he publicly stated that he thought reclaimed strip mine sites were a thing of beauty.

When I saw the video of him talking about visiting a strip mine site and finding it so beautiful, I realized he, like virtually every other politician, was willing to say anything necessary to get elected.

And no, I am not some crazy environmentalist who camps out in trees. I did, however, grow up in Appalachia (we lived in Virginia, Kentucky, and West Virginia at various times), and I have seen first hand how the coal companies treat the people and the land in the region.

Rand Paul and other libertarians scream about property rights being the foundation of America, but from what I have seen this defense of property rights is one-sided–at least when it comes to the issue of mountian top removal. Based on their logic, if a coal company has a valid lease then it is their right to blow the tops of the mountian, push the overburden into nearby streams, build ponds filled with toxic sludge, and then depend on the state to clean up the mess thirty years down the road. However, when a small land owner or community complains about wells filled with black water, cracked home foundations, falling home values, mud slides, and on and on, they are told to take their issues to the courts.

There are several problems with “taking it to the courts.” First, it is extremely expensive for an individual to take an issue to court. Secondly, many of the judges on these courts are bought and paid for by the coal companies. And finally, even if a person can get past the aforementioned obstacles, there are certain things in life–namely clean air and water–that can not be replaced or given a monetary value.

I apologize for the bitter tone of my rant, but I’ve had about all the one-sided libertarian philosophy I can handle for a while.

#2 Comment By Robert On February 3, 2010 @ 5:11 pm

I would like to apologize for a couple of spelling and grammatical mistakes that I made in my previous post.

#3 Comment By pb On February 3, 2010 @ 8:53 pm

I don’t think he was “willing to say anything necessary to get elected,” just being consistent with his beliefs — though energy is a political issue, I wouldn’t expect him to give a different answer. I am disappointed with his position, but if he gets the nomination, who should “conservatives” vote for, the Democrat or Paul?