The Haitian earthquake is an enormous tragedy made worse by politicians and the media.  I note with dismay that relief supplies are backed up because of the terrible destruction in the port and also at the international airport, which has only one operating runway.  Nevertheless, US pols like Hillary Clinton and the major TV networks have managed to make the trip and have inserted themselves into the relief process.  What exactly will Clinton contribute by being there apart from snarling up relief convoys due to her massive security escort?

I applaud the efforts by Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to raise money for relief because they have the sense to be doing it from the US without demanding a photo op in front of the collapsed Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince.  Assuming a couple of airplanes arrived with Hillary, wouldn’t it have been more helpful to have filled the aircraft with food and water instead of Clinton and a gaggle of bureaucrats and reporters?  And do we really need to have Brian Williams and his counterparts from the other networks reporting live?  How many aircraft did NBC require to bring in Williams and their news team?    And likewise CBS, ABC, and Fox.  If I were a Haitian dying for lack of a bottle of water while watching a reporter perform in front of some ruin I would look around for a rock to hurl, no doubt about it.