Unlike William Upton, I am more encouraged that Tea Partiers are resisting attempts by the flunkies and the hacks of both the GOP establishment and Conservative INC. to try and take it over. There’s no doubt that both wings of the establishment Right are trying or are going to try and co-opt the movement. A good example of this is the list of “allowed” news organizations which will be present at the so-called Tea Party convention next month: The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Breitbart, World Net Daily, Newsmax, all the right establishment news and information outlets.

But it’s my opinion that many Tea Parties know there are shysters out there ready to pull the wool over their eyes. Many I do believe will skip the Nashville conclave because its expense alone proves that Conservative INC. is out to empty their wallets for their steak dinners and speaking fees. They can also keep the current GOP and INC. out of the Tea by supporting independent candidate Joe Kennedy in the upcoming  Massachusetts special U.S. Senate election.

This of course, is not going to be a popular opinion, particularly when many believe that by voting for Brown or by giving him money they can break the Dems’ 60-vote margin in the U.S. Senate and deny them the ability to vote for a healthcare bill. They think that by voting for Brown they are preventing a socialist takeover of the country.

Actually, the socialists have been running the country since 1933 and we already have a socialized medical system whether its called Medicare for senior citizens, Medicaid for poor people or the kind of state and local socialized medical system Massachusetts has that Mr. Brown happily voted for as a state senator.  Since this what the voters desired when they voted for Obama, a Democrat Congress and Mitt Romney and Scott Brown then socialism is exactly what they deserve to get.  Obamacare may very well tell me I must have health insurance but my own state of Wisconsin tells me I must have auto insurance, so not much difference there. All Obamacare does is in theory cover a few more people who fall through the cracks of the existing system while giving Big Pharma the government’s stamp of approval as the New Deal did with corporate America. Call it “corporate liberalism” if you like. Massachusetts native Robert Reich certainly does.

Instead of fighting the wrong battles, perhaps it’s time to fight on different ground, or have state-by-state battles to opt-out of such nationalized programs. It’s the politics of decentralization, which fits into a broad “freedom” agenda that has the best chance of succeeding. Scott Brown simply doesn’t fit this as Massachusetts anti-tax activist and former Libertarian Party candidate for state office Carla Howell points out:

Career politician Scott Brown is an 11-year Big Government Republican state legislator who regularly and repeatedly voted FOR bigger state government budgets, voted FOR expanded and new Big Government programs, voted FOR tax increases, and voted AGAINST tax cuts.

Fact : Election Eve, Monday, November 3rd, 2008: Scott Brown went on WTKK RADIO and urged voters to VOTE AGAINST Ballot Question 1, to END the Massachusetts state income tax. Scott Brown allied himself with the National and state Teachers Unions and SEIU (the government employees union that often works with ACORN) – against the taxpayers of Massachusetts.

Fact: Scott Brown has been a state legislator for the last 11 years, but we can’t find a single tax cut bill authored, sponsored, or introduced by him that would cut as little as 5% of state government revenue.

Fact: Scott Brown has been a state legislator for the last 11 years, but we can’t find even one spending cut bill authored, sponsored, or introduced by him that would cut as little as 5% of total state government spending.

Fact: Scott Brown has been a state legislator for the last 11 years, but we can’t find a single waste reduction bill authored, sponsored, or introduced by him that would cut waste as little as 5% of total spending. Polling shows that Massachusetts voters estimate that 41% of their taxes are wasted, but Scott Brown can’t even find 5% government waste.

Fact: The biggest tax and spending issue facing Massachusetts this year is our ballot initiative to roll back the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%. Yet we cannot find a single news account or mention at Scott Brown’s legislative or campaign web sites where he takes a stand on this issue. He refuses to publicly endorse or campaign for our ballot initiative to roll back the sales tax — even though it would give Massachusetts families 32,929 new private sector jobs.

Fact: Scott Brown proudly proclaims that he was a key part of the team that designed RomneyCare, the Massachusetts health care reform bill endorsed and backed by Senator Ted Kennedy. Scott Brown helped write, voted for, and endorses the bill provision that forces all Massachusetts workers to buy medical insurance – or pay a penalty tax. (Remember when Bill Clinton swore that oral sex from Monica Lewinsky wasn’t sex? Scott Brown, a lawyer, swears that this mandatory fee paid to the government is NOT a tax! )

And now, Scott Brown’s provision requiring everyone to buy medical insurance – or pay a mandatory penalty tax – is a key part of the Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid-Barack Obama Health Care Reform Bill.

Scott Brown campaigns against everything the Tea Party Movement represents. Brown opposes and votes against as little as a 5% tax cut. He opposes and votes against cutting government spending or waste by even 5%. He designed and voted for a key part of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Health Care bill now being voted on in Washington.

Scott Brown, a clever politician by all accounts, knew full well there was hardly an organized Republican Party in Massachusetts, used the Tea Party movement to provide a grassroots organization to his campaign where there was none. He used his movie-star good looks along with voter anger with the economy and the one-party state they created for themselves with their own votes to boost his campaign. The problem is not the campaign for Scott Brown, it’s the victory for Scott Brown, which would basically put another establishment Rightest in office with Tea Party help. He may very well be a vote against Obamacare but he may very well be a vote the tax money for Obama’s war in Afghanistan (actually its hard to pin down where Brown stands on Afghanistan or Iraq because he doesn’t even list those issues on his own website.) or to vote the funding for full-body scanners at our nation’s airports to fight our glorious “War on Terror.” Actually it only takes one visit to his website and reading his non-position position on abortion and one realizes the epitome of the establishment political thinking. Its as though Mitt Romney was cloned as a U.S. Senate candidate. Put it this way, a Democrat proposing health-care reform Brown would oppose. But Republican governor or a Republican President needing his vote for say, a state-run health care program in Massachusetts or say prescription drug benefits, he’ll give it and his record proves it.

A Brown defeat would not be a loss for the Tea Party movement. In fact, they already have won. They’ve proven they can organize the grassroots and provide the structure for a campaign that can supplant the traditional party apparatus, especially in a state like Massachusetts where it is weak. They’ve made Brown a contender where would not have been had he relied on the state party. But his victory would go a long way to infesting the movement with the vermin of the establishment Right which they have to avoid if they wish to remain a true movement. Given the fact the Joe Kennedy has received death threats for remaining in the race even though his stands on the issues place him much closer to the Tea Parties than Brown, and give then fact NRO is freaking out over Howell’s attacks on Brown, only shows who the Tea Partiers in Massachusetts should support. Had Kennedy gotten all the online money they had raised for Brown, he would be one with the chance to beat Martha Coakley and the state Democrat machine.

A two-party system can exist in the northeast and New England provided the opposition party is decentralist, fiscally sound and uses non-interventionism to split the Democrats and the Left. But before than can happen, the establishment Right has to be the ones purged first.