From Post Politics, a Nashville Post blog:

In a post on his personal blog, In Media Res, Kevin Smith, an owner of the web design company HearSAY, writes that Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips took advantage of his volunteer computer experience in the creation of Tea Party Nation’s web architecture and profited from the enterprise.


Smith reports being shocked when Phillips filed to create Tea Party Nation as a for-profit corporation. Disgusted with Phillips’ decision to continue taking donations for the for-profit company, Smith ultimately resigned.

The story continues on about how the American Liberty Alliance, run by self-described “blogavist” Eric Odom, has pulled its sponsorship of the convention, and about how the movement is struggling against the encroachment of corporate interests.

Yesterday I posted about Sarah Palin and her commitment to speak at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville. The mystery surrounding Tea Party Nation is interesting. Dave Weigel of the Washington Independent reported that journalists were being barred from the convention. What was equally interesting to me is why Sarah Palin would commit to speak at such an event, instead of CPAC. I caught some flak over a hypothesis as to why, but that is besides the point. It has yet to be seen how the revelations about the convention will impact Sarah Palin, but the fallout from the collapse of support could be damaging to both Palin and the Tea Party movement.