Today, the White House issued a statement about Iran saying that it “hope[s] greatly that violence will not spread.” Whatever one thinks about Team Obama’s approach to Iran, surely everyone can agree with that statement. Violence is bad, right?

Wrong, says Michael Ledeen, in blog post entitled, absurdly, “more from the appeaser-in-chief”:

Personally, I hope the demonstrations spread like wildfire until the regime burns and crashes.

Yeah, bring on the blood-spilling! And put it all on TV so we can watch. (Pay-per-view!)

PS: Actually, it appears a master satirist may have stolen Ledeen’s blog password today, and is now posting with furious comic energy under his name. Take this earlier snap pensée on the White House’s refusal to “interfere in Iran’s internal affairs”:

A sad day to be an American, don’t you think? As Churchill said of Chamberlain, we can say of Obama: You had a choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.

In fact, he’s already got it. It always happens when you become an accomplice to evil.

Hilarious. Keep it up, “Michael Ledeen.”