Which allowed everyman to safely manage large explosions.

While living in Europe I knew many Scandinavians and found them particularly free from guile.  The awarding of the Nobel Peace prize to Barack Obama makes me wonder, however.  Are they trying to make the man fit the suit that they bought for him?  Do they think he will now try to live up to his billing and do what is right in various parts of the world rather than what is expedient?  Or is it just a Bush-bash by proxy?  In any event, I think most conservatives would agree that Obama has done precious little for the cause of peace.  He is triangulating AfPak based on a political rather than a military or strategic assessment and has never demonstrated any willingness to even speak to anyone who has been against the entire enterprise.  He has been bombing Pakistan since his second day in office without any declaration of war and now American soldiers are carrying out operations in Somalia.  130,000 Americans remain in Iraq.  He made a valiant effort with Israel-Palestine but was ultimately unwilling to use what leverage he has with Netanyahu to move the process along.  And then there is Iran.  We will know soon enough whether it will be talk or bullets.  If having the Nobel in his pocket impels him to negotiate with Tehran, so much the better.