The indefatigable Kagans, Fred and Kimberly, have again been given a bully pulpit to sell their particular brand of snake oil regarding Afghanistan.  Today’s Washington Post op ed page featured a piece called “The Afghan Illusion,”  Not surprisingly, the article advocates more US soldiers.  I have no time for the Kagans and their nonsense and am astonished that they still pop us as frequently as they do given the fact that they have been wrong almost as many times as Bill Kristol.  One might argue that their contention that more American soldiers will serve as a shield for the build-up of Afghan security forces only works if the Afghans really want to fight and can afford such a commitment, both highly unlikely.  If it doesn’t work it will only mean more dead Americans (and Afghans).  But what really bothers me is their underlying assumption of why we are there at all, that if we leave Afghanistan it will become a “haven for terrorists.”  They throw out their assumption without any evidence or explanation as if it is an eternal truth.  I wonder who exactly those terrorists would be since al-Qaeda has apparently been reduced to a shadow presence in Pakistan and what kind of threat they would pose against the United States?  If we are not directly and seriously threatened we should not be in Afghanistan at all.  Or Iraq.