A new issue of The American Conservative goes to press today. Don’t miss it — the September-dated issue includes a skeptical look (two pieces by Ted Galen Carpenter and John Laughland) at Americans’ love for global revolutions and protests; Michael P. Farris on what the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child means for your family; takedowns of Ben Bernanke and Lawrence Summers by the Cunning Realist and Dennis Dale; Paul Gottfried’s memoir of his father; Reid Buckley on why higher education produces bad writing; Sean Scallon on what the GOP can learn from Andrew Jackson’s war on the second Bank of the United States (hint: it involves ending the Fed); and much more, including columns by Pat Buchanan, Bill Kauffman, Stuart Reid, and Eve Tushnet.

The issue begins arriving in stores in about 10 days, but of course the best way to make sure you get all the goodness that is TAC is to subscribe. And if you enjoy the website, please donate to keep it growing. Even $10 or $20 dollars is a great help.