Am I the only one who has read that Pakistani president Zardari, referred to as “Mr. Ten Per Cent” when his wife Benazir was Prime Minister due to his demand for a cut in all government contracts, is now being referred to as “Mr. Twenty Per Cent?”  Or that the only viable part of the Afghan economy comes from poppy production, accounting for 60% of GDP?  And that President Karzai’s brother is involved in the trade?

So why is Barack Obama meeting with the two scallywags and pledging a fight to the death with al-Qaeda (which is hardly involved in the drama playing out) linked to a major dose of nation building? Meanwhile, I am hearing that Pakistan has begun to disperse its nukes, everyone’s greatest nightmare, because it fears a surprise attack from India to take them out.  This is truly the ultimate quagmire, which ever way it goes, something that can suck our Republic in and down, making Iraq look like a pleasant weekend in the country.  Doesn’t seem to be anything we can fix, so maybe it’s time to pack up the tents and go. 

As I recall, when the occupying British Coldstream Guards turned Istanbul back over to the Turks in 1920 they embarked onto their troopships with the regimental band playing a ditty called “Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is our Leader” as a compliment to their former enemies.  Perhaps the band of the Tenth Mountain Division can start learning a Paythan tune for America’s valedictory statement.