If you pass information that you know to be classified to a foreign Embassy, that should be considered espionage, shouldn’t it?  If an elected official agrees to interfere in a trial in exchange for help in seeking a more important government position that should be obstruction of justice and influence peddling, shouldn’t it?  If an experienced candidate withdraws his name from consideration for a senior government position because he has been slandered by supporters of a foreign government that the candidate has criticized it should raise questions about who controls foreign policy, shouldn’t it?

The right answer is “No it doesn’t, none of the above.”  The two AIPAC staffers who gave the information to the Israeli Embassy have had charges dismissed, Congresswoman Jane Harman has not been rebuked by any of her peers and is making jokes about the tapping of her phone, and the mainstream media killed the Chas Freeman story within three days of his withdrawl from consideration for office. 

Starting on Sunday, AIPAC will be holding its annual convention and it will be interesting to see how many of Washington’s high and mighty will make sure that they are seen to be present and making all the right noises.  Senators Joe Lieberman and John Kyl have introduced an AIPAC supported bill called the “Iran Diplomatic Enhancement Act” which is anything but and will instead cut off gas supplies to Iran, an act of war.   It will also explicitly punish the Swiss because the Swiss President recently had the temerity to speak to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Is there something wrong here?  Yes, something terribly wrong, though for the life of me I don’t know how we will ever take our government back.  Nothing changes.  AIPAC always wins.  Depressing.