I feel like the bore at the party who tries to corner people to tell them about how he birdied the thirteenth earlier that day .  The torture story is proceeding full speed because it is mostly about Republicans but the Jane Harman story is already going away, largely because the mainstream media and the liberal blogs are refusing to run with it. 

I will bore on because I think this is important.  As a former intelligence officer who has himself recruited agents of influence, I can tell you that Harman was the fruit of a high level Israeli covert action.  Whomever Harman spoke to, she was surely aware that she was in contact with someone empowered to promise her rewards from Israel and the Israeli lobby.  The threat to withhold contributions from the Democratic Party if Harman were not to be named chairman is significant, as it indicates that it was all part of a careful plan.  The Israeli on the phone was committing espionage against the United States by trying to influence the actions of a government official and Harman was committing a number of possible crimes by agreeing to cooperate in return for her own personal advancement.  Please take my word for it that the quid pro quo is precisely how an intelligence officer recruits an agent.  You ask for a favor and give a favor in return.  As both the favor and the reward are illegal and the agreement itself can be used to blackmail the target of the operation, the target henceforth will be obligated to do what the intelligence officer wants or risk exposure.  This whole transaction is particularly important in the context of Jane Harman and what she might have represented to the Israelis.  She was chairman presumptive of the House Intelligence Committee and subsequently was spoken of as being on the short list for Obama’s Director of Central Intelligence.  If she had obtained either position, which would have happened if the FBI had not been privy to the transaction, she would have had complete access to all of America’s secrets and would have been involved in policy making.  She would also have been working for Israel.  So I have to ask, why isn’t the MSM interested in aggressively pursuing this story?