The Cunning Realist sent over this creepy link to yet another Blackwater — sorry Xe — exploit. Seems the company has yet to absorb that it’ll take more than a new name and new fall guy to improve its reputation.

Today, the North Carolina-based private security enterprise is allegedly attempting to hire ex-fighters from the Liberian civil war to fulfill its U.S private security contracts. Who will it be tomorrow? Like a precious natural resource, there are enough scarecrows of war eager to escape the prison of poverty and the bloody politics of the battle-scarred African continent to fuel the mercenary machine. Leave it to some American entrepreneurs to exploit the situation.

Not that any of this should come as a surprise. Five years ago, Blackwater’s President Gary Jackson boasted to The Guardian about the company’s recruitment of ex-Chilean commandos who had supposedly trained and served under the military dicatorship of Augusto Pinochet. “We scour the ends of the earth to find professionals — the Chilean commandos are very, very professional and they fit within the Blackwater system.” Glad it’s worked out for ya.