On the first day at CPAC there were some surprises.  Many people stopped at the table shared by TAC and the American Conservative Defense Alliance to pick up copies of the magazine and talk politics.  The magazine is generating considerable buzz because it is seen as one of the few genuinely conservative voices seeking a way out of the failed policies of the Bush years.  Most of those who stopped by read it on the internet.  Nearly everyone who lingered long enough to talk agreed that Iraq and Afghanistan have been disasters and I don’t think that they were just being nice.  Many agreed that it might be necessary to leave Afghanistan without further ado. 

And interestingly a much larger percentage of the crowd was young, a dramatic change from the gerontocracy prevailing in previous years.  Many Ron Paul supporters were in evidence, so much so that they were the most visible group.  Ron Paul speaks tomorrow and there was considerable anticipation of that event.  On the down side there were a number of Sarah Palinites floating around and handing out material.  Few neocons in sight.  Bolton spoke and signed a book and the hideous David Horowitz was present and also flogging a book demonstrating how American universities have become hotbeds of terrorism.  Also the chinless wonder Mathew Continetti will be performing on a panel.  Parking was a bitch.  They really should change the venue.