The annual Conservative Political Action Conference begins on Thursday. TAC has reported critically on the show in years past. But in 2009 CPAC may be livelier than usual, with no Republican establishment in Washington to defend and with a strong Ron Paul presence (including at talk by the good doctor at 4 pm on Friday and a Campaign for Liberty event that night at 7 pm) to shake things up. So this year TAC will have an exhibitor’s table on Friday and Saturday — stop by to pick up a copy of the magazine and say hello to a staffer or two. I’ll be at the table for a time on Friday, and on Saturday morning I’ll be part of ISI’s “God and Man at CPAC” panel from 10:30 to noon, which should provide a counterpoint of sorts to the usual Coulter and Hannity festivities.

(Also, if you’re a CPAC-goer under 40, be sure to visit our friends at the Young Americans for Liberty table and come to the 9 pm Friday launch party for their new ‘zine, the Young American Revolution, which I’ve had a hand in putting together.)