We put two new articles on-line yesterday, Michael Brendan Dougherty’s “Mormons at the Door” and my own “Our Enemy, the President.” Michael’s piece reveals the critical role the Church of Latter Day Saints played in passing California’s Proposition 8, which barred same-sex marriage. On the back of that victory, will evangelicals now accept the LDS church as a long-term partner?

My essay looks at the plight of conservatives who spent the last eight years defending expansive executive powers, only to see those powers fall into the hands of a Democratic president (backed by a Democratic Congress). Revisiting the thought of Willmoore Kendall and James Burnham, I argue that conservatives must oppose executive aggrandizement no matter who is in power — and along the way I try to explain how presidentialism accounts for everything from the Right’s dominance in talk radio to the Republicans’ loss of Congress in 2006. Check it out.