Mike Tennant at the LRC blog brings our attention to this outburst from the brain of the Republican party:

If they are going to bastardize the American system, if they are going to make this government large and powerful and intrusive, someday they’re going to lose it. But they’re going to lose it after having amassed all this power.  We will control it, and we’re going to turn it right back against them.  We will build a massive army of patriots to counter ACORN.  We will defund ACORN.  We’ll defund the labor unions, and we will fund our own people to go out and zap ACORN.  And we will do everything we can to enhance anti-union employment. We will make sure that when companies lose money, that the people that get canned are union people.  We’re going to use the power of government just like the left is using the power of government.  We’re going to use the Justice Department.
We’re going to go after big unions with the Justice Department. We’re going to find all of the criminal activity. We are going to find all the lack of ethics. We are going to find every bit of corruption we can, and we’re gonna sic the attorney general and the justice department and the US attorneys on you people just as you have been doing to the people of the right and the Republican Party for 50 years.  And then we’re going to find George Soros and other concentrations of left-wing power and wealth.  And we’re going to focus our attention on him, so that the American people will finally learn just who the hell paid for the bastardization of the United States, just who the hell paid for the destruction of the American way of life.

This is Rush Limbaugh after three weeks of President Obama. Imagine how he will sound in a year; or in four years should Obama win reelection.