An article by Bill Roggio appeared in the curiously named The Long War Journal yesterday, “Bin Laden Son Coordinated Ops with Iran.”  It alleges that Iran has collaborated with al Qaeda to stage terrorist attacks, using bin Laden’s son as an intermediary.  Roggio is a leading figure at the Foundation in Defense of Democracy, currently the most in your face neocon think tank featuring Bill Kristol, Michael Ledeen, James Woolsey, Frank Gaffney, and Richard Perle.  Riggio’s article implies that outgoing Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell confirmed the terrorist connection, but if one goes to the original source of the information, McConnell’s farewell press conference last Friday, he says no such thing.  He merely stated that bin Laden’s son Sa’ad is no longer in Iran, where he was under house arrest, and is believed to be in Pakistan.  He says nothing about any Iranian-al Qaeda connection. 

The Roggio piece of disinformation is making the rounds of the usual places on the internet and is being presented as proof that Iran is involved with al Qaeda and planning terrorist attacks against the US.  Since Doug Feith successfully fabricated a case that Saddam and al Qaeda were linked, eventually leading to a catastrophic war, one presumes that the neocons have decided that what worked once will work twice.