I’ve never heard of a military operation being timed on the basis of a presidential Inauguration but that seems to have been the clock Israel used with their attack on Gaza. Obviously they didn’t want to rain on the new President’s parade by raining bombs on civilian targets.

So what hath violence wrought in this “splendid little war?”

Gaza is destroyed, Israel’s FATAH allies look like pathetic Quislings in the eyes of its populace, threatening their position on the West Bank, billions were spent, innocent people were slaughtered and yet Hamas still has control of the Palestinians in Gaza, and now that control may be more wedded than ever after this military onslaught by a foreign invader. Amazing how some people never quite figure this out. 

And Israel’s long-term problem strategic and demographic problems still remain and all the bombs, all the jets and all the tanks in the word cannot change this. Now the potential of Israel giving up its status as the only real democracy in region because of these issues has reared its ugly head. If Israel’s political situation continues to deteriorate, it will lose its support of its only ally and then it becomes truly endangered.

It seems historically that we are moving away from era of the decisive battle to one of long duration struggles to where demographics is as much a weapon as an AK-47. Did Israel think that Hamas would line-up in the open and allow its fighter bombers and tanks slaughter them in open combat? Who the hell does that anymore? Only stupid fools who wish to get killed (like Saddam Husssein’s military). All the ordinance expended or territory gained in Gaza almost means nothing at this point, because it changes nothing. Who’s to say in a year Hamas’ rockets won’t fire up again into southern Israel. After all, they’re not that sophisticated to make and fire.

Groups like Hamas and Hezbullah are the essence of Fourth Generation warfare talked about by LRC and Free Congress Foundation contributor William Lind and expounded on by Takimag.com editor Richard Spencer in this article. As pointed out in TAC as well in this article, by John Mearsheimer Israel’s military staff, politicians and amen corner here in the U.S. can crow about “victory” all they want nobody buys it , not even many Israelis.

Israel may very well have one of the best militarises in the world. It may very well have one of the best intelligence agencies in the world. It may very well have nuclear weapons. But in the new era, the Palestinians may have the best weapon of all, the fertile womb of motherhood. Read this article I wrote for Etherzone.com a few years back and see why the term “Sexual Politics”needs a new meaning in this day and age.  And attacks upon this growing population is only going to make them more thirsty for vengeance rather than peace.