John Derbyshire, Heather Mac Donald, Razib Khan, and friends have launched a new blog for the non-religious Right. There’s an old and deep tradition of skepticism on the Right, dating back at least to Robert Ingersoll and William Graham Sumner in America and to David Hume across the Atlantic. But believers no less than skeptics ought to welcome this new site, since the conflation of religious conviction and political conservatism has usually been to the detriment of both. To give but one example, George W. Bush may (or may not) be a godly man, but he never had anything like a prudent, conservative philosophy of government. The same can be said about much of the religious Right, particularly in its Christian Zionist manifestations that seek to subordinate American foreign policy to bad Biblical exegesis.

Speaking of bad exegesis, however: contrary to Secular Right, H.L. Mencken was not an atheist, at least by his own lights. Disciple of T.H. Huxley that he was, whenever the question was put to him directly, Mencken professed himself an agnostic.