Think of twelve days cruising the Mediterranean next June, visiting Rome, Monte Carlo, and Barcelona.  Think of doing it as part of an outing organized by Newsmax featuring Dick Morris and Ron Kessler as guest speakers explaining how the Republican Party can refresh its message.  The Newsmax team also includes three medical doctors who apparently will attempt to resuscitate you if you pass out from all the excitement.  Or possibly Newsmax is expecting a really old crowd and is prepared for anything. 

Morris is, of course, the famous former Clinton crony who invented triangulation to enable the White House to change policy every five minutes.  He lost favor when he reportedly went too far even for the Clintons in allowing a prostitute to eavesdrop on his phone calls with the Comeback Kid. He has redeemed himself by writing nasty books about Hillary and is now a faux conservative.   Kessler is less well known, but he is a classic wannabe who thinks George Bush is one of America’s greatest presidents.  He has written a series of books on how to kick terrorist butt.  His books on the FBI, CIA, and the war against terror are available used on Amazon for 14 cents, $2.02, and $1.75 respectively.   They would make great Christmas presents or can be used for wrapping fish.

Here’s the Newsmax ad:

“Dear Newsmax Reader:
You can finally meet Dick Morris!
As a subscriber to and Newsmax Magazine, you are probably a big fan of Dick Morris, the famous political guru and Fox News analyst.
Now you can meet Dick Morris and enjoy his company on a special cruise Newsmax has organized. Dick plans on discussing how the Republican party can re-build itself during the Obama presidency.
For 12 days, you will share the Mediterranean and some great cities of the world with Dick Morris and several experts from the world of politics and health. Other guests include best-selling author Ronald Kessler and Dr. Russell Blaylock, the famous M.D. and nutritionist.
This is a once in a life-time cruise. Please read the information below about the cruise.
Remember, only a limited number of cabins are available — so reserve today!”